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Rauf, Faik - Mistake

Rauf, Faik - Mistake
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  • Дата релиза: 13.04.2024
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Текст песни Rauf, Faik - Mistake
Oh buddy, no need to do handshake
I feel like it's going to be a tie-break
All I will get is frustration - it's my way
What you will get?
Some money - it's your bloody way

You know what to do, to get your own
It is simple if I'm not going down
We growing up, time's running, no hard feelings yo
Flowing rap, mothers smile, I know what I want

Feelings doesn't matter in this game, you know
That in advance
Give me reason
Stop and doubt to myself
Test of life, I realised who I am
Only the closest ones will stand it, never push them far away
I have brother and I love him, my man
Always there, we grew together, fact

Every night, a pressing questions coming, gone, still on my mind
Who I am, what's after life
Everyone needs answer that
Why the sea blue and immerse, why the sun is golden
Does the earth need mountains?
All is this forgotten